Wood Square Composit Timber

  • Wood Square Composit Timber
  • Wood Square Composit Timber
  • Wood Square Composit Timber
Wood Square Composit Timber
  • Linyi city Shandong province China
  • 30days
  • 5000square metre per day

1. Wood square composite timber reach the E0 standard avoiding the formaldehyde hazard brought by painting.
2. Wood square composite timber has a variety of colors and shapes compared with painting.Wood square composite timber is waterproof and mothproof which can satisfy the young people casual life.
3. Wood square composite timber has both toughness and hardness.Natural Wood powder makes Wood square composite timber tough and won't break or bend easily.Light calcium carbonate can significantly increase the hardness of Wood square composite timber with excellent impact resistance.

Wood square composite timber


wood timber

Wood square composite timber of Ecological wood is the shape comparison square, imitated square and rectangular style processing and become an ecological wood products as the name implies..Wood square composite timber belongs to a kind of ecological wood product, hold real wood appearance and feeling, have good moisture-proof and water resistant, acid and alkali resistant, fungus suppression, antistatic, anti-moth and other properties, and high fire performance, pollution-free, pollution-free.and Wood square composite timber are recyclable.

square timber

Wood square composite timber can be used for a wide range of purposes, from suspended ceiling to false partition walls.Many hotels, guesthouses, KTV and families use Wood square composite timber as the partition false wall, which can make the space appear large even with “soft separation”.

composit timber

Wood square composite timber is colorful, rich in patterns and can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Q: what materials are used for the exterior of the light steel building of IDEED WELL?
A: the exterior wall material of light steel integrated building is flexible. Different appearance and functional requirements can be matched with different materials, such as: wood grain board, cement fiber-board, metal carving board, PVC board, wood-plastic board, solid board, etc., which are commonly used materials of exterior wall hanging board at present....more
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Glorious history of honor witness
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