Prefabricated Light Steel House

  • Prefabricated Light Steel House
  • Prefabricated Light Steel House
  • Prefabricated Light Steel House
Prefabricated Light Steel House
  • Linyi city Shandong province China
  • 30days
  • 5000square metre per day

1. The Prefabricated light steel house increased 5% - 13% of the usable area than traditional houses due to the wall thinner.
2. Prefabricated light steel house's components produced after predesign which saving material of low cost.
3. The Prefabricated light steel house can be designed according to customer requirements that meet the different tastes of different customers

Prefabricated light steel house


prefabricated house

The Prefabricated light steel house's floor consist of cold bending thin-wall steel frame or composite beams, OSB board, supporters, fittings, etc.The Prefabricated light steel house wall composed of directional particieboard, cement fiberboard, and plywood that can withstand a load of 316 to 365 kilograms per square meter.

The Prefabricated light steel house roof system is made up of roof truss, OSB panel structure, waterproof, lightweight roofing tile (metal or asphalt tile).Light steel structure roofing of the Prefabricated light steel house which appearance can have a variety of combination of many kinds of materials.Under the premise of ensuring the waterproof technology, there are many options for the appearance of Prefabricated light steel house . 

The wall of The Prefabricated light steel house roof is mainly composed of wall  beam and frame column, wall and bottom of The wall beam, wall support, wallboard and fittings.The interior transverse wall of light steel villa is generally regarded as the load-bearing wall of the structure, and the wall column is c-shaped light steel member, whose wall thickness is determined according to the load, usually 0.84 ~ 2 mm, and the wall column spacing is generally 400 ~ 600 mm.


light steel house

After the completion of the Prefabricated light steel house.Interior decoration style is diverse and decorative materials are various.Customers give our BPC panel high praise which performance is very excellent of multi-color and multi-style easily meet light steel villa  to create the ideal effect of customers

prefabricated house

The picture shows the completed body frame of Prefabricated light steel house

Q: what materials are used for the exterior of the light steel building of IDEED WELL?
A: the exterior wall material of light steel integrated building is flexible. Different appearance and functional requirements can be matched with different materials, such as: wood grain board, cement fiber-board, metal carving board, PVC board, wood-plastic board, solid board, etc., which are commonly used materials of exterior wall hanging board at present....more
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