Lightweight Steel Construction House

  • Lightweight Steel Construction House
  • Lightweight Steel Construction House
  • Lightweight Steel Construction House
Lightweight Steel Construction House
  • Linyi city Shandong province China
  • 30days
  • 5000square metre per day

1. Lightweight steel construction house is energy-saving and environmentally , comfortable to live and with rich modeling
2. Lightweight steel construction house is highly prefabricated, like a car from production to assembly
3. Lightweight steel construction house has low transportation cost and quick assembly.

Lightweight steel construction house 


lightweight steel house

The cold-formed thin-walled steel gauge of Lightweight steel construction house has a set of mature technical system, including the production of supporting design software and independent processing equipment, comprehensive and stable supporting material supply chain.All the structural materials can be prefabricated in factories even preassembled.

lightweight steel construction

All components of Lightweight steel construction house can be packaged and sent to the construction site according to the unified label of the components.Due to light weight of the Lightweight steel construction house, Lightweight steel construction house is very suitable for mountainous areas and areas where transportation is difficult.

Lightweight steel construction house system belongs to dry work site prefabricated construction, the construction period is short and less affected by the environmental season.Lightweight steel construction house of about 200 square meters, complete the whole process from the foundation to the decoration, it only takes 9 workers 24 working days to reach the occupancy standard.

lightweight steel house

Lightweight steel construction house System adopted the thin-walled light steel plate thickness is less than 1.5 mm with Australian standard.The thin-walled light steel structure in the field of low-rise housing, thickness from 0.55 mm to 1.5 mm high strength aluminium zinc or zinc alloy coating structure steel plate bear strength up to 550 mpa.The wall thickness of Lightweight steel construction house most adopt C type 90 wall structure, roof plate frame structure, the wall corner with K type support, introduced the "skin effect" increase the bearing capacity and stiffness of structure itself, and the weight is light, a full set of production structure can be performed by a set of production equipment.

Q: what materials are used for the exterior of the light steel building of IDEED WELL?
A: the exterior wall material of light steel integrated building is flexible. Different appearance and functional requirements can be matched with different materials, such as: wood grain board, cement fiber-board, metal carving board, PVC board, wood-plastic board, solid board, etc., which are commonly used materials of exterior wall hanging board at present....more
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