• 1.Q: how many years can IDEED WELL light steel buildings last?

    A: the structure of A light steel building can have A service life of more than 70 years.IDEED WELL house adopts high strength structural steel plate, adopts hot-dip galvanizing process, double-sided galvanizing capacity 275g/㎡, long service life.

  • 2.Q: what materials are used for the exterior of the light steel building of IDEED WELL?

    A: the exterior wall material of light steel integrated building is flexible. Different appearance and functional requirements can be matched with different materials, such as: wood grain board, cement fiber-board, metal carving board, PVC board, wood-plastic board, solid board, etc., which are commonly used materials of exterior wall hanging board at present.

  • 3.Q: how thick are the internal and external walls of IDEED WELL building?

    A: usually the thickness is about 26cm for floor slab (excluding ceiling), 20cm for outer wall and 12cm for inner wall.If you are in a cold area like the northeast, you need to increase the insulation layer, the outer wall will be a little thicker than normal.

  • 4.Q: how waterproof and moisture-proof is the light steel building of IDEED WELL house?

    A: the roof of the building is made of self-adhesive waterproof rolling material, which can effectively prevent water leakage.The outside of the insulation layer of the wall is provided with a moisture-proof layer and a moisture-proof breathable film. It is a new kind of polymer material. The surface of the material has extremely small microporous structure to form a one-way water-proof breathable material.

  • 5.Q: what is the insulation performance of the light steel building of IDEED WELL?

    A: the composite exterior walls and roofs of light steel buildings are provided with continuous insulation layers. Insulating glass doors and Windows are selected to reduce the heat transfer coefficient.Unique ventilation wall (roof) design, internal ventilation between the layer, can effectively reduce the thermal load of the maintenance structure, greatly improve the heat insulation performance.

  • 6.Q: does IDEED WELL house offer custom design services?

    A: IDEED WELL has A professional design team of more than 50 people, which can meet the personalized needs of customers.

  • 7.Q: how is the wind and earthquake resistance of IDEED WELL's light-steel prefabricated buildings?

    A: the steel structure has good ductility, and the light steel structure houses have good shock resistance and wind resistance and light damage.Data obtained in earthquake laboratories show that light-steel buildings are two to three times more resistant to earthquakes than traditional brick-and-wood buildings.The main body of the house is assembled with bolts, the house is formed as a whole, closely connected with the foundation, the earthquake resistance can be up to 9 degrees of fortification...

  • 8.Q: how many stories can be built in a light steel prefabricated building?

    A: the light steel integrated building system is suitable for buildings with 3 floors and below, generally no more than 12 meters. With the combination of heavy steel, the building height can be appropriately increased, which can be used for both civil and commercial purposes. Besides, the steel structure has A large span, and the internal structure can be handled flexibly.

  • 9.Q: what are the advantages of light-steel prefabricated buildings over brick-concrete structures?

    A: energy saving and environmental protection, farmland protection, less environmental damage and pollution, easy reconstruction and demolition, 70% recyclable materials;The steel structure has good ductility, good shock and wind resistance and light damage.The construction speed is fast, and the construction period can be shortened by more than 1/2 compared with traditional buildings.Excellent thermal insulation performance.

  • 10.Q: what is the architecture of the IDEED WELL house?

    A: the main structure of the IDEED WELL house is A light steel keel. It adopts cold-formed thin-walled steel structure technology. It is A cold-formed thin-walled light-steel integrated house.Due to the strengthening of environmental awareness and wood shortage and other factors, many countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, have been actively promoting the light steel structure integrated housing application and development.

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