Stronger from quality control

Stronger from quality control

Our company is committed to the high quality production by improve the quality control mechanism,the quality control principle,personnel responsibility,  professional testing equipment introduction.


Work content:

1. Execute the standards for quality inspection with biding evaluation and construction acceptance issued by the state, independently exercise the right of quality supervision,inspection and the right of punishment.

2. Be responsible for professional inspection and keep track of the quality of sub-project in each operation area.

3. Responsible for assessing the quality of sub-project of establishing quality files and reporting the quality situation to the project chief engineer and superior quality management department regularly.


Quality control staff must have:

1, quality control personnel to have a certain professional knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility, to adhere to the principle, strict standards, in line with the quality of responsible attitude to the inspection.

2. Inspect all purchased and outsourced parts according to the requirements of the drawings, and return goods in time if the quality does not meet the requirements or the specifications are out of tolerance.

3. Inspect the products according to the requirements of the drawings, focusing on the geometric dimensions, welding quality, pressure resistance, etc., and return the unqualified products to the workshop for repair.

4. Carry out spot check on the intermediate products, and timely correct those that do not meet the requirements, so as to avoid making major changes after the completion of the products and causing unnecessary losses.

5. The quality inspection personnel shall sign on the work order after acceptance of the processed products, and shall sign on the warehouse receipt after acceptance of the outsourcing parts and the purchased parts, otherwise the warehouse personnel shall have the right to reject the products.

6, quality control personnel to be familiar with the use of the product performance, for the key parts and key parts to be strict inspection, for the general parts and general parts can be relaxed, to achieve a target, in order to reduce the cost, increase benefits, improve the workers' enthusiasm.

7. Take good care of all drawings and do not lend them to others or take them out of the company without permission.

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